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                0.109mol/L檸檬酸鈉(9:1)(Sodium Citrate 9NC)

                藍頭管使用 0.109ml/L 檸檬酸鈉緩沖體系抗凝 , 抗凝劑與血液的精確體積比為9:1, 對采血管具有嚴格的要求 , 主要用于凝血機制檢查。為減少由試管材料引起的外源性凝血機制被激活 , 藍頭管對試管內壁進行了獨特的應力膜處理??鼓齽┓€定技術的運用則能嚴格控制微生物限度 ,確保產品持續穩定。 Blue cap tube is with 0.109mol/L sodium citrate butter system for anticoagulation, the accurate volume ratio between anticoagulant and blood in 1:9, and with strict requirements, which is mainly used in blood coagulation testing. To reduce the activation of extrinsic blood coagulation mechanism caused by the material of the test tube, the blue cap tubes have unique stress film treatment on the inner wall of the tube. The application of stable anticoagulant technology can strictly control the limit of microorganism, so as to ensure the continuous stability of products.


                0.109mol/L檸檬酸鈉(9:1)(Sodium Citrate 9NC)

                0.109mol/L檸檬酸鈉(9:1)(Sodium Citrate 9NC)

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